Comités de personal médico de la UNMH

Jefe de personal de la UNMH (CoS)
1 Universidad de Nuevo México
MSC 08 4620
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Medical Staff Committees Committee Chair(s)

Comité Ejecutivo Medico

Jennifer Phillips, MD

Comité de credenciales

Robb McLean, MD

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

Corey Ford, MD

Comité de cáncer

Richard Lauer, MD

Operating Room (OR) Executive Committee

April Jaglo, RN (Co-Chair)
Tim Nelson, MD (Co-Chair)

CPR Committee

Michel Boivin, MD (Co-Chair)

Mike Chicarelli, RN (Co-Chair)

Comisión de Nombramientos

Ad hoc

Medical Staff Professionalism Committee

Jonathan Bolton, MD

Physician and Allied Health Professional (AHP)

Health and Rehabilitation Committee

(por confirmar)

Quality Oversight Committee

Richard Crowell, MD